My Prayer Journal

Our church is currently doing a sermon series called "The Journey - Becoming the People of God." The sermons have focused heavily on Moses and his life and journey leading the people of Israel out of Egypt.

Last week's sermon was about prayer, which really spoke to me since I have been struggling a lot to bring my prayer life up to the forefront of my priorities ever since I returned from Ecuador. My pastor said something that really stuck with me:

"Prayer is simply an act of faith in God's ability over mine."
I have struggled with prayer because I always felt like God didn't really care about my problems, I felt silly "talking to myself" and I didn't know how to pray. But, my pastor made a suggestion that really stuck with me. He suggested a prayer journal so I can write down my prayers and go back later to see how God has worked in my life to answer those prayers.

So, I've started a prayer journal, folks. I've started a prayer journal a few times and never kept up with it like I should, but I'm determined to be extremely intentional in my relationship with God, so I think that will help me keep it moving.

I have also started the 40 Days in Exodus Devotional which was written by a few people in my church and has proven to be pretty good so far. I'm excited to see what I can take away from it over the next few weeks. Between work, church, children duties, working out, blogging and keeping up with these studies, I should be quite busy!


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